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Allergies are exceptionally common in the United States — according to the College of Asthma, Allergy, and Immunology, over 50 million people nationwide suffer from some sort of allergy. What is tricky is that allergies can usually mask themselves as other symptoms, such as a cold, a sinus infection, and/or a scratchy throat, so most suffers are unaware of what really ails them! This is where our allergy testing clinic in Houston can be helpful..

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Allergy Testing, Explained

The most popular form of allergy testing is a skin test. In order to determine which method is best for you, our medical professionals will give you a consultation. They’ll ask questions in order to narrow down which allergens you may have a reaction to, then these allergens will be mixed with a liquid and injected right underneath the top layer of your skin. The pokes feel similar to a slight pinprick.

Once the allergens are injected, your skin will be closely monitored to see if your skin reacts. Usually, a reaction is in the form of a red, swollen bump that may be itchy and slightly tender.

Depending on the results of the first skin test, you may need to have a second test, where allergens are injected deeper into your skin. This tends to happen if your skin does not react with the small amount of allergen injected the first time, as some people may need a bit more of the allergen in their systems to cause a negative reaction. 
Throughout your entire allergy testing appointment, you should not feel any pain. After the testing is finished and your skin is evaluated, you will be given an antihistamine medication to alleviate any adverse skin reactions. Your doctor will then go over your results and develop the best course of treatment for your specific needs.

Need An Appointment for RT-PCR COVID Testing or Vaccine?

COVID-19 testing and Vaccine are available. We accept most insurance plans. Please note for patients without insurance (self-pay) the RT-PCR COVID-19 test is $75 and the Rapid Antigen Test is $40. Our mission is to make COVID-19 testing available and accessible for everyone in Longview, TX.